Transition Heroes works at the intersection of “research & knowledge gathering” and “implementation & knowledge transfer”.

We are fascinated by government policy, network organizations, and the space this creates for innovation and business activity. This is reflected in our activities:

Research & Development

Research & Development

Research & knowledge gathering are the basis for everything Transition Heroes does. Science as a driver for better policy and impactful innovation in civil society, government and industry.



We use our knowledge and products as best as we can for your specific projects. Fieldwork is our key to remaining focused and making the difference.

Process management & Coaching

Process management & coaching

It’s nice to be right, but convincing people of the fact that you’re right is an art. Through trial and error we have learned how support and knowledge can only be put to meaningful use through the right process management and coaching.



Our planet needs many transitional heroes and heroines who drive change faster, more efficiently and with more satisfaction. For us, being able to accelerate the knowledge curve with our experience is a matter of honour.

Themes we like to work on are:

Policy analysis of energy & climate

Analyse en planning bij de opmaak van lokale energie- en klimaatplannen

Transition experiments and breakthrough projects

Netwerkmanagement en procesbegeleiding van energietransitieprojecten (experimenten, doorbraakprojecten ), bijvoorbeeld rond wijkrenovatietrajecten

Sustainable urban development

Het opzetten van samenwerkingsverbanden tussen overheid en projectontwikkelaars rond de Integratie van de diverse duurzaamheidsaspecten in stadsontwikkeling

Organisational administration

Het optuigen van organisaties (mensen & middelen, structuren & culturen) om slagvaardig een policy rond energie en klimaat om te zetten.

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